HKS Fahrwerk Toyota Supra MKIV Vergrößern

HKS Fahrwerk Toyota Supra MKIV


HKS Hipermax IV GT Suspension

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Technische Daten

Fz-Hersteller Toyota
Fz-Modell Supra
Fz-Motorisierung 3.0 L
Jahr 1993-
Zulassung mit CH-Zulassung
Durchmesser VA / HA 40/40

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We have made the newest technology of MAX IV GT for JZA80 for the best driving experience for both comfort and sport. With the newest technology of MAX IV GT into JZA80 can make the drive fast and comfortable. We have set the goal of MAX IV to have both driving performance and comfort. Therefore HKS has analyzed and test the transient characteristic, not the general pin point so we could develop the suspension that has firmness and still comfortable damping feeling. For this result we have redesigned needle and developed variant port system that greatly improved the damping characteristic of driving feeling at a low speed. For JZA80, stiff feeling of stock has improved, and luxurious handling by reducing the big behavior change. It has damping but not so stiff and feel comfortable. It is smooth but does not float and stick to the ground. It fits wide range of driving conditions with one dial setting. And also it can drive from the street to circuit race by changing the dial.