HKS Fahrwerk Toyota GT86 ZN6 Vergrößern

HKS Fahrwerk Toyota GT86 ZN6


HKS Hipermax IV GT Suspension

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Technische Daten

Fz-Hersteller Toyota
Fz-Modell GT86
Fz-Typ ZN6
Fz-Motorisierung 2.0 L
Jahr 2013-
Durchmesser VA / HA -60/-79

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This is the street version damper for 86/BRZ. Although this is a product designed for comfort and stylish appearance it is able to hold its own with regards to road performance. 18 inch tires were chosen for settings. This product is recommended to those who would use the vehicle daily and look for better ride comfort as much as possible for both drivers and passengers and who want to reduce arch gap or lower the vehicles' height. This damper has been developed to provide high ride quality through its supple yet stable setup. Once out at the race track, a twist of the adjustment dials can provide the performance necessary to enjoy the circuit. Max 4 dampers utilize analysis data and perform tests on each vehicle to determine not just spring and damper rate, but also front/rear balance and stroke for people to enjoy this product safely. The concept is to try and see things from the viewpoint of the user as much as possible. This product has many revised and newly made internal parts and includes stabilizer to achieve high levels of comfort handling and low stance without compromising. In refining the low speed dampening, which is the key to ride comfort and handling, also the mid to high speed dampening properties, a new needle has been developed. Improved low speed dampening gives stable dampening which allows for the supple yet stable ride. It has also allowed the mid/high speed dampening to be cut which has increased performance over bumps and ridges in the road. The adjustment dial operation has been revised to allow oil to flow better to prevent the dial from locking up at under the dial 10. ?5?The bump rubber must be changed to L=10.